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Photo by Antonio Sanchez-Barriga

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Before [WhatsApp founder] Jan Koum was a billionaire and long before he was a Silicon Valley technology executive, he was Ukrainian. Koum, born in a village outside of Kiev, emigrated from a politically unstable Ukraine as a teenager.”

"I’ve seen first-hand the potential and technological savvy of the Ukrainian people. I was blown away by Enable Talk — a project from four Ukrainian student developers who created gloves that translate sign language into speech. Enable Talk took home the first prize at the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition in 2012, and Time magazine named it one of the best inventions of the year.

According to the Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association, Ukraine is the No. 1 outsourcing destination in the region for information-technology services. Tech companies in Silicon Valley, London and Berlin are teeming with Ukrainian engineers — Ukraine’s hackers-for-hire are some of the best in the world.”

"A long history of scientific and technological excellence shows that Ukraine-born talent usually realizes its full potential after leaving Ukraine’s political environment behind."

When Koum and his mother immigrated to Mountain View in 1992, they subsisted on food stamps and welfare. Koum barely graduated from high school and dropped out of college. He taught himself computer networking from used book store manuals and created WhatsApp in 2009. In 20 years, Koum went from food stamps to billionaire, epitomizing the American dream, yet he is exactly the type of immigrant that opponents of immigration reform say they do not want in America.

As our nation continues to tackle the important issue of immigration reform, we need to remember that successful companies are not always founded by the immigrants with a master’s degree in hand. Symbolically, Koum signed his $19 billion deal last week at the site where he once stood in line to collect food stamps.

Like WhatsApp, 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.”

CNN: 19 Billion Reasons for Opportunity in Ukraine

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One Dead Man Carries Another: The Death Toll of the Venezuelan Protests

He was standing on a street corner when they shot him in the head. Four people, maybe five, carried him around looking for an ambulance, a car, a motorcycle. The body was slippery; they had to take turns. They lifted him by his arms and legs, with that puzzled solidarity that comes when you’re helping the wounded in riots. One was applying pressure on the wound with a piece of cloth, trying to stop the bleeding. They walked like that for a couple of blocks without finding anyone who could help them. Finally they ran into a policeman who, after hearing one of the young men cry for help, agreed to make a trip to a nearby hospital in the center of Caracas, Venezuela.

Bassil Da Costa, the wounded man, and Roberto Redman, who helped carry him, met each other that evening, February 12, during a Youth´s Day march organized by students and the Venezuelan opposition. Both De Costa and Redman are now dead, some of the first casualties of the violence that began after a crackdown on the march. A week later, chaos still reigns on the streets.

Roberto Redman (in the black hat) helps carry Bassil Da Costa’s body.

Da Costa, a 23-year-old carpenter, had never participated in a protest before; he lived in Guatire, a suburb of Caracas, and only marched because his cousins were going. Redman, a 31-year-old pilot, attended all the demonstrations he could, and lived in Chacao, the middle-class neighborhood in Caracas where most of the recent protests against the government have taken place. Redman wrote in his Twitter biography that he was a guarimbero, a term officials use to describe protesters. At 6:25 PM, Redman tweeted, “Today I was hit in the back with a rock, hit in the nose with a helmet, breathed tear gas, and carried the kid who died, and what did you do?” A few hours later he was dead—like Da Costa, of a shot in the head.


whatever one wants to do to achieve what they want to do with photography — whether it’s pinhole or a Leica or an 8x10 view camera or whatever. It’s your work. It’s like a poem. You put the poem on the table and you read it and no one is going to ask you if you typed it or wrote it out long hand. No one cares how long it took or how many re-drafts you did. How many pictures did you shoot? It doesn’t matter. The proof is the final print.

A personal photo project.

"The Immigration Bill completed its passage through the House of Commons on 30 January. It is now subject to parliamentary scrutiny in the House of Lords. Subject to its parliamentary progress, the bill is expected to receive Royal Assent by the end of the session in spring 2014.

The bill will reform the removals and appeals system, making it easier and quicker to remove those with no right to be here. It will end the abuse of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights – the right to respect for private and family life. It will prevent illegal migrants accessing and abusing public services and the labour market.”


Why ‘Dark Million’?

At 8pm on Monday, February 17, 2014, Channel 5 Television, a UK entertainment station, aired a programme titled The Big Immigration Row: Live.

What really caught my eye was a reel shown from 1966 which showed a flash of a headline of a Times newspaper headline: The Dark Million

"In 1966, a current affairs programme about what was then called "the race problem" was screened on British television. It was entitled The Dark Million, after a series of articles in the Times that decried the growing number of immigrants from the Commonwealth and claimed: “The best investment that a Pakistani with TB can make is a one-way ticket to England.” The programme, though far less poisonous, asserted that those migrants brought with them “an atmosphere of foreignness - very different from the atmosphere British people are used to.”

(Daily Telegraph)

The Dark Million is now The Dark Millions. And there is little sign of slowing down. I am a child of one of the millions. My friends are daughters, sons, brothers, sisters of the millions. The millions are not just of the Commonwealth here to rebuild her majesty’s kingdom.

We are from the EU, Asia, North America, Russia. We are Doctors, nurses, thieves, bankers, teachers, bus drivers, politicians, students, lazy bastards, artists, lawyers. And most of all we are all collectively Human.

Please help me to document the human condition of the millions by sharing on social media, by talking about it after dinner on a Sunday afternoon, by looking at yourself  in the mirror, by looking at yourself in your children, by challenging your own stereotypes, by rejecting imposed prejudices.

As the project develops I will keep everyone updated when I will commence.

One love,


"Photography leads to new knowledge and/or insight. As long as it lays no claim to reality and avoids dishing up a narrative structure that the viewer is required to follow only passively.

Reality is too often presented as a flawless, unified whole, and photos are used as ‘true’ cut outs of reality. They cloud our vision rather than clarify it.”

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