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From London to Jamaica and everywhere in between: iPhone/digital/film/alternative processes & mind bombs. Re-blogging is cool. And crediting my personal work is hot. I thank you in advance.

*My own personal photography/poetry etc is clearly identified. However, if you come across anything on my blog where a photographer/artist is not clearly credited, please help me identify who they are. Credit should be given where credit is due*
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Back in 1998, #MassiveAttack - that post-punk, trip-hop, ambient dub, dysfunctional downtempo collective released their fourth album #Mezzanine. One of the tracks on that album is a reworked version of #JohnHolt 1967 (1968?) reggae standard “Man Next Door (I’ve got to get away)” For this version, the collective invited #HoraceAndy to lend his distinctively dreamy vocals to this Holt classic. The result was, well…go listen for yourself if you haven’t heard it for yourself πŸ‘Œβ€πŸ‘ŒπŸ’›πŸ‘ŒπŸ’š

Time Is The Master: Real reggae veteran, original rocksteady Paragon John Holt has passed away. His spirit and legacy will live on forever in the dynamic catalogue of music he has left for “the old and grey and the young and gay” to rock to for many years to come. πŸ™

Watching #MillionManMarchJamaica live online I’m intrigued *gets virtual popcorn*

#Marseille, #France You made my brown eyes blue.

"I Man a di Bush Docta" Peter Tosh OM - born on this day, October 19, 1944 in Westmoreland, #Jamaica. There has never been another and there will never be another iconoclast like Tosh-long live his musical message. #firestick #musicalhero #reggaemusic #visionary #realrevolourionary #outspoken #antiestablishment #wordsmith #lyricalgymnast #HerbalVerbalist #nationalhero #heroesday #legalizeit #ohbumboclaat #SteppingRazor #TheToughest #PeterTouch #Rastaman #Rastafari #BushDoctor #AfroCentric #equalrightsandjustice #mysticman #African #wanteddreadoralive #LetJahBePraised #nonuclearwar

Photography is like life: no matter how focused you are, you just never know how things will develop…#oneclickatatime

Man Like I -Natty. Catch him today, October 18 between 9pm and 10pm in the Mainspace @roundhouseldn #CitySplashFestival. Due to unforeseen circumstances @1richiespice will not be appearing but the remainder of the line up remains unaffected. Other artists like #GentlemensDubClub #TheMouseOutfit #ChannelOne #YouthRootsAmbassador & #RTKAL are also in the line up. #Rootikal VS #ReggaeRoast until 9pm tonight. Check #Roundhouse for ticket details, stage times & ticket bookings.

'Bit too Shy' by @sevanasiren all up in my cochlea this morning 🎧🎧🎧

Somebody give me a prize for effort lol Couldn’t pick up on Tune In, unstable Internet connection where I am, plus I got a ear ache BUT I finally got connected to @protoje on #HOT102FMJAMAICA via a slightly sketchy #USTREAM @yaadcore @wintafreshness Just about to play #Stylin off #AncientFuture album 🎀🎀🎀

Hey cutie πŸ‘†#filmnotpixels #ilford #fujicolor #canon #blackandwhitefilm #colourfilm #jamaicanssayflim #pikcha

I wanna love ya/and treat ya right…


Duvalier’s death must not mean end of proceedings against dictatorship

The sudden death on October 4 of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier and the initial information that he would be honored with a state funeral stunned the victims who had filed suit against Duvalier for massive violations of human rights during his regime. It also created an unexpected ripple effect in the press and the social media, with radio and television stations in Haiti and the diaspora broadcasting once more the voices of people who suffered under the brutal repression of the two Duvaliers, father and son. The storm was further powered by social media.

"Skate Girl" πŸ‘†is from the series "Skate Girls of Kabul" by Jessica Fulford-Dobson. The series documents young Afghan girls who attend #SKATEISTAN - a unique NGO which started up in 2007. Did you know that in Afghanistan a girl is not allowed to ride a bike but she can ride a skateboard? Did you know that 40% of Afghan skaters are girls? I am so excited to know that the above portrait of one of the skaters in the project has been short listed for #TheTaylorWessingPhotographicPortraitPrize2014 Please visit skateistan.org to find out more about this incredible project and the life changing work they are doing.

Nana Kofi Acquah aka Ghana’s own @africashowboy isn’t just on IG, follow him on Flickr tooπŸ‘†(I do) Love this photo he took of this lady tending to her Spirulina Farm in Togo.πŸ‘Œ

We are different and the same: When shooting film, there’s always a surprise or two in store when you print your roll. I don’t remember taking this picture and didn’t think twice about it after I slipped it into a photo album. I came across it again today and was surprised to see so much contained in the frame. So many little stories of past and present. So many reminders of the same, harmonious differences between me and my sweet girl. I’ll leave it to you to see or even imagine what they are.#filmnotpixels #35mm