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From London to Jamaica and everywhere in between: iPhone/digital/film/alternative processes & mind bombs. Re-blogging is cool. And crediting my personal work is hot. I thank you in advance.

*My own personal photography/poetry etc is clearly identified. However, if you come across anything on my blog where a photographer/artist is not clearly credited, please help me identify who they are. Credit should be given where credit is due*
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i know where they're going

For those of you in the US, tune in to see #jimmyfallon welcome the warrior @chronixxmusic on his show tonight. #chronixx #rastamanwheelout #digeneral #littlechronicle #dreadandterrible #whoknows #theydontknow

I feel quite certain that…if I knew how to ride a bicycle without holding the handlebars…that I could achieve just about any damned thing I set my mind to.

"Every man has an #equalright to live and be free.
No matter what #colour, #class or #race he may be”
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Music to my ears…

Subliminal messages.

The past…ever present.


Mark Anthony Myrie - Untold Stories (1995)
as seen on tv…

an iPhone project.


of moving pictures.

of icons.

of ordinary people.

couch surfing places that i can’t be

but can



my tv.

screen grabbing.

image snatching.

alpacinojimihendrixrhiannajayzurbancowboyskanyejacknicholson etc;etc;

an iPhone project.


of moving pictures.

of icons.

of ordinary people.

couch surfing places that i can’t be.

(elle b/2014)

I nearly wet myself…

Love these guerrilla posters all over the walls, all over the place, all in your face.

And I suppose I’m pleased/to be chiilin’ in the West Indies… #mycurrentsituation #sundayplaylist #protoje #chronixx #reggaemusic #whoknows #wherethetradewindsblow #videoscreenshot #notmypic #reggaerennaisance #stormsaulter #wintajamesriddim

I’m too careless. I don’t put out enough effort. I’m tired.
Charles Bukowski, “This Is What Killed Dylan Thomas.” South of No North.  (via wordsnquotes)

Oh Charles…

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One of my favourite photographs. No idea who the photographer was. Picture is credited to Embassy of Jamaica so I guess a staff photographer maybe?#Jamaican #culture #heritage




I generally shy away from posting nude pictures. I don’t want to fall into clichés and stereotypes. Many women do ask me to take them.

When I do take them I rarely post them.

That is unfair of me. By holding the pictures back I am inserting my own bias into the narrative.

The years…


repeat after me: i am a sexy bitch and no one ruins my 2014


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I lost all interest in my schoolwork, friends, reading, wandering or daydreaming. I had no idea what was happening to me, and I would wake up in the morning with a profound sense of dread that I was somehow going to have to make it through another entire day. I would sit for hour after hour in the undergraduate library, unable to muster enough energy to go to class. I would stare out the window, stare at my books, rearrange them, shuffled them around, leave them unopened, and think about dropping out of college. When I did go to class it was pointless. Pointless and painful. I understood very little of what was going on, and I felt as though only dying would release from the overwhelming sense of inadequacy and blackness that surrounded me. I felt utterly alone, and watching the animated conversations between my fellow students only made me feel more so.
Redfield Jamison, Kay. An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness.  (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)